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Conchuela stink bug was first reported as a pest in 1902 when it caused heavy losses on a 30,000-acre farm in the Laguna district in the state of Coahuila, Mexico. In 1904 and 1905, significant losses were reported in seed alfalfa near Barstow in far West Texas. The Conchuela stink bug appear in the literature to be more of a problem in the Southern parts of the U.S. In reviewing the fact sheets and research on Guide to Colorado Insects, it seems that stink bugs in general feed on fluids that they suck with their special mouth parts. Westwood and conchuela stink bug, Chlorochroa ligata, Say collected in the Texas Lower Rio Grande Valley to selected pyrethroid and organophosphate technical grade insecticides. The adult glass vial test AVT was used and the most commonly-used insecticides on a variety of crops were evaluated.

02/08/2008 · A Conchuela Bug Chlorochroa ligata on a branch. A Conchuela Bug is a kind of Stink Bug or Shield Bug. Little is known about the biology of this stink bug, which is of primary concern to cotton growers in Far West Texas. What is known about this stink bug comes from published information from the early 1900s. Conchuela stink bugs possess a. The widely distributed Conchuela stink bug can be black in southern states, green in northern states, and a strange combination of the two in the area between. Conchuela feeds on fruits and crops including grapes, peas and tomatoes. In dry regions it feeds on sage, yucca and prickly pear. This stink bug is able to live for as long as 6 months and can extend into the 8 th and 10 th month. According to Terminix Inc., there are stink bugs that have a really short life span such as the Conchuela Stink Bug. They have a 70-day life span.

Conchuela and Say's Stink Bug Both the conchuela Chlorochroa ligata and Say's stink bug C. sayi can be found in a great many crops and common weeds. Both are moderately large length 13-19mm. Say's stink bug is consistently green, but the conchuela can be highly variable in color, ranging from dark brown, to reddish brown to green. Consperse stink bug eggs are laid in clusters on twigs and leaves. They are barrel-shaped, pearly white when first laid, turning pink before hatching. The conchuela is a large black stink bug with a reddish marginal border and a reddish spot in the middle of the back. Redshouldered plant bugs are green or brown stink bugs that may have a red. Field Guide to Stink Bugs of Agricultural Importance in the United States. Stink Bug Diagram iv Head Thorax Abdomen Antennae Tim FisherPoff Wings Stink Bug Diagram. v Pronotum Tylus. and Conchuela, Chlorochroa ligata Say Because they are similar in appearance, descriptions of Say stink bug and Conchuela are combined. 21/08/2017 · Learn to detect stink bugs in your cotton. This video teaches you how to know when stink bugs are actually a problem by finding the damage these insect pests cause. Every cotton manager should be able to effectively. 15/06/2017 · Stinks bugs can be a common field crop pest. In sorghum, multiple types of stink bugs can cause damage to heads. Learn why stink bugs are problematic to sorghum production and how to identify them so you can apply controls and protect your harvest before its too late.

Adult stink bugs leave their overwintering homes to mate. After mating, females begin to lay eggs, usually on the underside of plant leaves. Some species will lay clusters of stink bug eggs multiple times throughout the plant and crop growing season. How stink bugs develop. The stink bug life cycle consists of three stages – egg, nymph and adult.

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